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Full-Stack Web Development

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Online Class.

noun_1697458_cc$820 per class

noun_553913_cc.png30 students, instructor mentored

noun_1698556_cc8-10 week class

noun_1474611_cc6-10 hrs per week

noun_985270_cc100% online, instructor led


Certificate Program Online.

noun_1697458_cc$5,975 (estimated)

noun_1698556_cc24 weeks part-time

Learn how to

CODE: in HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, Python, MySQL, C#, C++, AngularJS, .NET and R

  • Design, implement, publish, and maintain websites using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media
  • Explain how to organize a consistent and functional website from both user and business perspectives
  • Evaluate code for validity and structure that meets industry standards
  • Test code for browser and device compatibility
  • Work with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), explain what they can do and how to use them
  • Build web applications, and recognize and explain web programming, coding languages, web protocols, frameworks, and standards
  • Utilize libraries such as jQuery, Backbone, and React
  • Explain the skills needed for front-end and back-end development and how they work together

BUILD MOBILE APPLICATIONS: create a fully functioning mobile application for

  • iPhones and iPads in Swift
  • Google Android Studio

Become a Code Master in

HTML5, CSS3, Java, Javascript, Python, MySQL, C#, C++, R. .NET, AngularJS, Google Go and Android Studio and the latest web technologies.


Web Development Classes

  • Web Development with HTML
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Internet Systems Architecture
  • Website Project Management
  • Web Development Using PHP
  • Database Programming for the Web Using MySQL
  • Advanced JavaScript and DOM Scripting
  • Creating Web Applications with HTML5
  • Creating Websites for Mobile Devices in Swift and Android Studio
  • Website Development Using WordPress CMS

Computer Programming Classes

  • Introduction to Computer Programming using C++
  • Java Programming
  • C# Design Patterns using Visual Studio
  • Introduction to Python
  • R Programming
  • Introduction to .NET architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Security Systems

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