Clean and good looking UI design is expected of any website nowadays if you want to leave a lasting impression on users. Luckily, there are a couple of tips to get any website started.


Mail Service Landing Page 

Text Over Images

There is an abundance of images available to use for free now across various stock photography sites to decorate your page with an aesthetic photo. And to finish it off, put some text on top! Make sure, however, that the image is dark and that the text is white. Any other combination makes the text hard to read or might distract the user from the main focus of the page. This method can be used as the entire landing page or for contained thumbnails. If you are set on the image you want to use and the text is still hard to read, there are some tricks that can help solve that. Try adding a solid colored box behind the text to make it completely legible. Or, blur part of the underlying image to make the focus on the text.


eCommerce vol.2 | Daily UI 

Make Text Pop

A page full of the same repetitive text across the screen is no good either. There’s a lot you can do to the text as well to catch the user’s attention. Make it bigger, change the color, change the font weight, use capitalization, italicize it, change the letter spacing, or adjust the margins. When you want to draw attention, combinations such as big, bold, and capitalized seem to do the job. And when you want to tone it down, make the text small, less contrast, and less margin space. Whatever you choose to do, remember to balance everything out. Making everything bold on a page makes nothing stand out.


Inspiration from Others

There is no better place to learn than learning from others. Ideas don’t come out of the blue, it takes time and looking at plenty of examples from other designers. Sites like Dribble provide a variety of work for you to browse. Learn to mimic others’ designs to get a hands on feel on what makes good design and then slowly take the pieces that you’ve learned to piece together something in your own style. Everyone starts out as a student at first, there’s no shame in that.

Photo by Federica Galli on Unsplash


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