2018 saw the rise of multiple areas in technology and while some succeeded tremendously, others climbed slowly up the ladder. Of course, no technology is expected to become an integral part of people’s lives overnight. These things take years of buildup before reaching a level of mass popularity such as Google. Let’s take a look at some key technologies that ended strong in 2018 and can be expected to make more impact in 2019.

Up until 2018, social media was considered to almost be the most important thing in people’s daily lives. It was how you kept in touch with friends and family, knew what was going on in the world, and it was an addiction of gaining popularity. We were warned of the dangers of social media but no one took it seriously, after-all, it was already too important to just cut out. Then the Facebook scandal last year opened people’s eyes as the company sold personally identifiable information unbeknownst to the users. With this large invasion of privacy, people reconsidered their obsession in social media and began to take a step back with apps to measure screen time. Social media is still no doubt an important aspect in technology but what may become more important is how much you can restrain your daily screen time from social media in 2019.

Though cryptocurrency had a major financial dip by the end of 2018, it doesn’t mean that it’s dying off any time soon. Many entrepreneurs are continuing to develop for cryptocurrency and we might soon see a focus of its use in other areas. Ohio become the first state in the nation to accept Bitcoin for tax payments, opening up a way for businesses to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. Soon individuals will also be able to do so as well. With further increased concerns of security, cryptocurrency may just rise back up.


States such as California are creating new plans to cut vehicle emissions due to their rising concern for the climate. In fact, California plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 1990’s levels by 2030 by supporting more clean cars and trucks on the road. By providing incentives to buy zero-emission vehicles and doubling the number of electric charging stations, California hopes to see an increase in cleaner car purchases. Sales by Tesla are already seeing a steady rise as Tesla’s Model 3 was the best selling sedan by revenue in the nation and as the sales continue to climb, we will also see a higher number of autonomous cars on the road.

Despite all the hype for virtual reality, augmented reality will steal the spotlight in 2019. More developers will experiment around with augmented reality as more phones are ready to support it. While virtual reality relies on users to buy expensive headsets, augmented reality can easily be utilized by your everyday handheld devices. Augmented reality can also greatly benefit the medical, military, and other fields where information can be overlayed over what is already available in the moment as people are training in their profession.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash


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