The Conformity of Web Design

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Go to any stock photography website. Go to any online magazine website. If it weren’t for their company names, any user could easily mistake them to be the same page. Websites under the same genre all follow the same unspoken layout and it has become a bore. What happened to the imagination and creativity of design? In this day and age where we have even more power in implementing every conceivable design and layout, majority of our websites still all follow a container-styled layout. The fascination with unexplored possibilities in the past has been replaced with the convenient conformity of the future.


Websites take time to design and create. The process of having a web designer create a unique layout with optimal UI/UX and then passing off to a web programmer to implement can take weeks to complete. If you wanted each page of a website to be unique, the time and money it would take to make that happen would only rack up more. Considering how some people just want their own website for fun or for a startup business, they simply don’t have the resources to request a website be built from the ground up. It is much more efficient to use an already existing template from system software such as WordPress. All users need to take care of is what content they want on their page.

Why not extend that creativity? Instead of restricting users by making their ideas conform to the template, make it so the template conforms to their ideas. If we want to start seeing a rise in creativity, templates have to become dynamic enough to be manipulated and transformed without needing users to touch the code. Although the current trend of constrained templates work for the mass majority, it is nothing else but an efficient solution to creating websites and not to creating diverse websites.

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

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