Clovyr co-founders: Amber Baldet and Patrick Neilsen will speak at our Blockchain Bootcamp!!!

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It is with great excitement that we are so thrilled to announce Amber Baldet and Patrick Neilsen co-founders of will be joining our Bootcamp to talk live at 11am PST about their Blockchain start-up journey to launch their new company Cloyvr.

Cloyvr’s new development platform comes with an ecosystem of applications and services designed to make development of Blockchain specific projects iterate quickly with less development hassle. Think of a dream development environment that has been designed from the ground up to build networks simply and securely whenever needed, with the added bonus of a mash-up function that lets you mix foundational services securely.

A development environment that embraces a hybrid approach that supports different services as and when you need them.

Having come from JP Morgan and building out Quorum in Ethereum, Amber and Patrick know a thing or two when it comes to building products in a Blockchain system, designed for transparency, albeit in a permission based protocol that enabled super fast private transactions to be processed in the cloud.

If you haven’t signed up yet for a live-stream, just click here!


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