UCI Blockchain Development Day – success story ;-)

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Here at UCI DCE we co-hosted our first Blockchain Development Day in conjunction with our incredible UCI Blockchain Lab, this past Saturday June 2nd.

This was a free event for UCI students, and just $10 for non UCI students who wanted to learn from scratch how to build a Blockchain app.  The event was open to anyone just curious about Blockchain development and wanting to go through the steps to build a ‘workable’ Blockchain application.

We are so thrilled that more than 70+ developers showed up to learn together, on a Saturday! Peer learning is so much more fun than watching endless youtube videos alone ;-(

Our community is also not just student based, but made up of professionals, non-developers, people just starting out learning how to code, faculty and staff, people from our local community in Orange County and LA keen to understand the Blockchain, it’s structure and development possibilities.

In just one day two Blockchain platforms were introduced: 1. NEM and 2. Ethereum.

A big thanks to the den, for demoing how to build a Solidity app in Ethereum and nem for showing how to build an application in the nem platform. Also a big thank you to Sid and Ryan, who’s endless passion for learning and dedication for helping others to learn ‘all things Blockchain ‘ is sooooo appreciated!

Here are some pics from the day, and watch this space as we plan more Blockchain Development events, hackathons and bootcamps!



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