Augmented reality has already made a huge impact in the entertainment industry and now it seems that it will be changing the marketing industry as well. Snapchat, well known for its augmented reality filters, has released Shoppable AR, a new feature that allows advertisers to sell goods through sponsored Lenses. While users visit and try out the sponsored filter, there is an additional button that they can tap to shop and buy the advertiser’s products. These products can range from wearable items, app installation links, or trailers. Companies have already invested in this new feature to promote their products: Adidas with its Deerupt running shoes, King with its Candy Crush game, and STX with its new I Feel Pretty comedy movie. Merging sales and entertainment like this keeps users happy as they continue to be engaged with the app rather than be interrupted by sales ads.


Snapchat isn’t the only app that’s trying to use augmented reality for sales however. Amazon also recently launched a new feature called AR View to allow their users view online products in their own home before they decide on a purchase. From furnitures to toys, thousands of products can be viewed just from the Amazon app. Customers no longer need to go to a physical store and try to imagine if a certain couch would match their living room space. With the app, customers can see for themselves from the comfort of their own home.

Other companies are not far behind. Google, Facebook, and Apple are all developing for AR and believe it will be the next big platform. But smaller companies are also in the race. The augmented reality marketing startup Vyking is creating an app to allow users try on sneakers virtually so they can see how it looks on their feet before buying online. Obviously the customers won’t be able to feel if the shoe is a good fit but its potential is still amazing.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Photo by timothy muza on Unsplash

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