After Snapchat’s not so successful launch of the original Snaptacles, Snapchat has recently released a newer version of the hardware. One of its major mistakes was in marketing as the company released limited batches of the glasses in late 2016 to the public and didn’t make them available online until 2017. That was enough time for people to decide that it wasn’t worth getting the new glasses. But now, Spectacles v2 is immediately available for sale on their website and not through randomly placed vending machines.

The first changes users will notice are to the glasses themselves. The original glasses had yellow rings around the lenses to let others know when the user was recording but have replaced them with a LED light for the same purpose. The frames are no longer as bulky and can support prescription lenses. Even though the company added more variety to color options, the glasses still look a bit silly.

To take a video, press the button quickly to record a 10-second video and press again to record up to 30 seconds. Press and hold to take a photo. Unlike the original, all footage taken by the glasses are in HD and transfer over through WiFi.


The glasses are also water proof so users can record footage by the pool or the beach without a worry. But this doesn’t mean you should go underwater with the hardware. Battery life does seem to have decreased as the glasses can only take 70 snaps versus the original 100 snaps.

But there is still one thing that Snapchat has not fixed: the circular footage format. When the user views the taken footage on the Snapchat app, they can rotate the phone and still get a very nice wide-angled footage. Once you export the footage to any other application, it is exported as a circular format with a lot of unnecessary white space. Snapchat could be keeping this feature to force users to stay in the Snapchat realm. This was and still is a huge negative factor especially since nowadays being able to share across multiple social media platforms is a feature most users embrace and rely on.

Until Snapchat modifies the glasses’s goofy design, fix video formatting, and add augmented reality features to the hardware, not many people will be willing to spend $150 on these glasses.

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