Quick Start to Airtable

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Move aside Excel, there’s a new program on the block. Airtable is a spreadsheet app with a beautifully designed user interface and user experience. It can be used to store information while also serve as a database in a user friendly manner. Airtable can serve a variety of types of projects. Product and user experience teams can use it to coordinate launches, plan new features, and organize research. Meanwhile, marketing teams can utilize it to plan ad campaigns, event marketing, and PR Outreach. This app requires no coding experience to use so let’s get started!


Like all apps, you need to create an account but you don’t need to download anything since it’s all on the cloud. Then choose to use the free or paid version. The free version provides unlimited bases (projects), 1,200 records (the items you keep track of in the spreadsheet), 2 GB of space per record, and two weeks worth of revision history. The paid options such as Plus, Prom and Enterprise plans increase storage space and include more advanced features and provide administration control. Even though Airtable is promising, give the free version a try before you commit to a monthly subscription plan.



Don’t know where to begin? Not to worry! Airtable provides hundreds of premade templates for a variety of projects, from everyday life planning to professional marketing. If you’re an art collector, there is an “My Art Collection” template to help organize your art collection and keep track of prices, artists, and etc. For startup organizations, use organization charts to plan team structures and communication. Of course, there’s always a customization option for your every need. With grid view, you have a standard Excel sheet style layout of information. But if you want to break free of the standard layout, there’s always a calendar view to view records in a timely manner, a gallery view for records that have an emphasis on showcasing images, and a kanban view to break down tasks like a Trello page. The layout may change but one thing stays the same: there will be no need for duplicate entries as you can link records to create relationships between tables.


Airtable does not only store information. They also integrated a feature called Blocks for users to build custom applications. And again, no coding experience needed! Airtable provides all the functions for you. All you have to do is select from their palette of various app functions and mix and match to create the needed workflow. For example, you can add map displays, bar charts, timelines, and color palettes to visualize and format your data. Planning and collaboration events could benefit from countdown, video chat, send SMS, and time tracker functions. Airtable provides a lot of variety for your every need.


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