A round-up of the top 40 coding Bootcamps offered in the USA

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Coding bootcamps are everywhere right now, and it seems that every state in every capital city is hosting a coding bootcamp, so thanks to AirTable, here is a round-up of the top 46 coding bootcamps offered in 2017. This list is really comprehensive and provides info such as:

  • which city the camp is offered in,
  • how much each of the camps cost,
  • what courses are covered,
  • how long the course is going to run,
  • and if there are any career pathway offerings or placement opportunities available once you’re all done.

It appears from skimming the list that:

  • the average length of time a coding bootcamp runs is approximately 10 weeks
  • almost all of the classes have HTML and CSS.
  • not all but alot offer JavaScript and Ruby
  • most offer Git and Angular also
  • python is offered in about half of the bootcamps
  • and surprisingly Bootstrap is offered in less than five of the camps, which is interesting, as it is such an easy quick framework to learn how to start coding on.
Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

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