In this day and age, big data is everything that companies need to understand their users

With every scroll on your phone or glance at a page, your actions are being monitored by companies for information that you might not even know about yourself. Your Facebook “likes” tell Facebook information about what you like and even your typos when you prepare a post reveal your typing pattern to the company. Every item you add to your shopping cart on Amazon tells them more than enough information in order to suggest more related items that would have a high chance of catching your eye. It might not seem too bad since all that they’re trying to do is find ways to appeal to their customers but your personal data can reveal so much more. In China, the government is already moving forward to utilize all the gathered information to create a credit system to judge the trustworthiness for its citizens.

China currently does not have a credit system since very few citizens can own cars or houses

Although the Sesame Credit system currently is not required, it will become required by law in the future in 2020, where every action will be judged and scored. The government currently only rewards the users if they have a high enough credit score, like traveling with VIP privileges or getting loans. Despite their claims of creating this application to gain more credit and trust score for now, the app could easily be manipulated and used to spy against its citizens by judging and predicting their behavior or tendencies through their personal data.


For the most part, the technology industry has been about creating innovative technology to help change the world but now we have come to a point that we have to stop and ask, should we? Morals have to be discussed to weigh the positives and negatives of these decisions. And if we shouldn’t, how can we prevent it? After all, big tech companies in America are already mining information from millions of users as we use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a daily basis. While this information tremendously helps the machine learning and artificial intelligence fields that require big data to progress and train on, it is still an invasion of our privacy. What is stopping these companies from creating something similar to Sesame Credit in the future?

Questions need to be asked and answered

Pushing the possible dangers and negatives aside for a moment, the trust system could greatly help keep people to a standard and better society. If someone continuously breaks deals, their credit score would lower to the point that other people would no longer trust the person with future deals. In order to get back into the game, the person would have to do other tasks to slowly build their credit back up.

The Sesame Credit system may have been created with good intentions in heart to better the community but it has opened the public’s eyes to the dangers that could come with it and with big data.

Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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