Careers in technology are emerging faster than updated courses in universities and colleges so it’s hard for people to switch over to a new career that interests them. But it’s not impossible, especially for a career in User Experience Design. A lot of companies recognize their need for UX Designers and because it’s very rare for a university to offer a degree in UX Design, companies are willing to look over that part and instead base their decision off of your portfolio.

UX Designers create the framework to make the overall layout of a product appealing and usable for users.

Say you already have a steady job in a good company but designing UX interests you more. It’s totally possible to ask your company to switch roles. Worst case is that they say no but you still have your job. Or maybe take on some tasks that relate to UX with your current position so that you can convince a slow transition to a full UX position.


Look into which learning method works best with your needs, goals, and schedule. Bootcamps have a concrete schedule for you to follow while learning from books are flexible for you to work with.

In either case, whether you have a job currently or not, you need to build a strong and convincing portfolio to show to employers. This will tell them that you know what you’re doing and if they like what they see. If you ‘re starting from scratch, no worries! There are plenty of resources out there that will help you from the ground up.

If you like online courses and bootcamps, look into these:

Or maybe books are your preferable tool of learning:

While you’re learning, make sure to create some side projects relating to UX. You’ll see your own progress as you learn and plus, you’ll have a portfolio ready to go when you finish the courses! You can always try to design for a local startup as some will accept whatever help they can get which can turn into a beneficial learning experience for you while updating your resume.

UX Design is an interesting new career in technology and if that’s what interests you, just know that it is possible to change paths without having to restart everything you’ve already done so far.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

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