Kickstarter has already successfully backed over 138,000 projects!

Innovations are created and projects are brought to life all the time at Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform for aspiring creators.  At Kickstarter, everyone and anyone has the opportunity to create a proposal for a creative project that needs funding and if enough people are interested, they’ll pitch in their money to see it happen! However, it’s easier said than done. To create a successful Kickstarter project, you need to have a definitive plan and strategy to make sure you bring people in to your project and get that funded amount to the goal.

Have an Eye-Catching Display and Video

The first thing supporters are going to see from your project is a thumbnail and a video. You want to make sure that they understand what your project is, why they would want it, and that it’s aesthetically pleasing from just a glance at your thumbnail. And then in your video, go into further details of your project. Be transparent about every detail! Backers are hesitant to pour money in something that hasn’t been created yet so make sure they know every detail of where their money is going and why. As suggested by the Kickstarter guide, mention in your video who you are, what you’re making, where did this project come from, what’s the plan, what’s the budget, and why you are so passionate about making this project come to life.

Have Good Rewards

What is the incentive for backers to support your project this early instead of waiting for it to just come on the shelves on the market? People want rewards for doing things that others normally won’t do, so make them good but also keep in mind of the price. Too low of a price reward won’t get your project funded and too high of a price reward might scare off potential supporters. You should aim around the $25-$70 range as the base reward for receiving an item and then increase in level of the price and quality/quantity of rewards.

Appealing Stretch Goals

Rewards, rewards, rewards! Backers like to have things that other people won’t be able to get after the funding is finished so include some nice incentives for supporters to continue funding your project even after it has met its goal. These can include adding features or improving the quality to your project! But remember to keep in mind the production cost and time for these additional add-ons in case they do happen.


Social Media is Your Friend

Get your project out there! The more people that know about your Kickstarter project, the higher the chance that someone out there will be interested and help fund it! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just one of the many social media places that you need to share the news on.

Communication Is Key

Always let your backers know what is happening. Through the updates feature on Kickstarter, share how the production process is going! If things are going smoothly, great! If there’s a hick up, let them know! Chances are they’ll be understanding and at least know why their product is running late. If anyone has questions, answer them and message back! Backers don’t know what’s going on in your head or behind the scenes and want reassurance that things will come out as they expect it to or better! Some might even have suggestions to help your project.


Send thank you emails to those who helped your project become a reality. Without them, it might have had to go through a more rigorous process or it might not have happened at all! A simple thank you goes a long way and who knows? Maybe you’ll have another Kickstarter project that your previous backers would gladly help again based on your previously successful project.


Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash

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