The Present and Future of Chatbots

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Throughout the 20th and 21st century, there have been countless works of science fiction that feature the presence of robots with artificial intelligence. Just the idea of being able to interact and converse with an intelligent system like HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey brings exciting chills to all  readers. Although our current programs are far from anything like HAL, progress and development is being made.

Chatbots on Messenger can help plan out your day, order items, and even plan out travels.

Currently, chatbots are the hottest thing in customer service for major company websites. Although apps make handling tasks easier for people from the swipe of their thumb on their phone, it’s hard for companies to compete for attention. Chances are users tend to use more popular apps more frequently. So instead of fighting for those limited spots, many companies have integrated their marketing tactics into bigger company apps such as Messenger. Without having to call, open another app, or browse through a website, customers can now order pizza from Pizza Hut through chatbots on Messenger! As more companies join the social ordering tactic, more and more chatbots are being created to be able to take and understand customer orders.


Ari is a customizable recruiting chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage candidates in two-way text message conversations to accelerate time-to-hire.

Chatbots are also quickly becoming an essential tool for the Human Resources departments as a recruiting chatbot. The first ever recruiting artificial intelligence built for HR, Ari, already has impressive functions as it automatically interacts with and processes information from potential candidates. With this one program, it can source, filter, and rank hundreds of applications for HR in a much shorter amount of time and cost. It doesn’t just follow a script either. Every response is thought out and feels natural to the user. If Ari faces a question it doesn’t know the answer to, a human recruiter is asked to respond and it learns from that response so that if a similar question ever appears, it knows what to do. Development in chatbots will only continue to grow as they are a cheaper and effective alternative for companies to market with.

It won’t be long until our chatbots become something like JARVIS from Iron Man, able to manage almost everything in our lives while also being like a friend. As developers try to use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) rather than Natural Language Processing (NLP), people and machines will be able to interact more naturally. Devices such as Amazon Echo already help users order items online and set reminders for the day through voice command. With all that information, it’s not hard for programs to slowly learn what their users’ preferences are. With further development and integration of these concepts, chatbots will become important intelligent systems throughout our daily lives in a wide range of tasks.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

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